Mtra. Jassivy Reitnauer M.Psy.

Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO                   



Basic Tenprint Examination

($125/8 Hours)

Advanced Latent Print Analysis

($150/16 Hours)

Fundamentals of Tenprint Examination

($499/40 Hours)

Latent Print Examiner Testimony

**Coming Soon**

Latent Print Quality Assurance

**Coming Soon**

Advanced Latent Print Examination

($499/40 Hours)

Latent Print Processing Testimony

($125/8 Hours)

Delta Forensics Webinar Series ($125)

  • Introduction to Latent Prints (15 Hours)
  • Crime Scene Latents (16 Hours)
  • Latent Print Photography (15 Hours)

Available programs:

Tenprint Assessment Training Course

($299/24 Hours)

Overall Latent Print Processing

($299/24 Hours)

Evidentiary Photography

($75/4 Hours)

Basic Latent Print Analysis

($150/16 Hours)

For all live courses. Registration fees are refundable according to the following policy:

  • Up to 60 days prior to the schedules start of the course, a 100% refund of the registration fee is available
  • Up to 30 days prior to the scheduled start of the course, a 50% refund of the registration fee is available
  • Up to 14 days prior to the scheduled start of the course, a 25% a refund of the registration fee is available
  • Less than 14 days prior to the start of the course, refunds are not available.
  • All online programs, no refunds are available.
  • For the Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner Program with custom payment plans, access to program will cease upon non-payment 7 days after 2nd missed payment

*Payments made via PayPal are subject to PayPal fees, Delta Forensics, LLC is not responsible for reimbursement any fees for payments/refunds made via PayPal for any courses.

Basic Latent Print Examination

($499/40 Hours)

Intermediate Latent Print Examination

($499/40 Hours)

CLPE Prep Course

($150/14 Hours)

Delta Forensics has developed a number of fully online training programs designed to assist students, trainees, investigators, and current practitioners develop their level of knowledge and build on their level of expertise. Many of these programs are approved by the IAI Certification Boards for credit towards initial and/or re-certification credit! Click here to see our current list of IAI approved classes through the Virtual Academy or onsite! Please contact us for additional information, or click on a course description for addition information. All of the online courses are available globally!

Delta Forensics has launched the NEW Virtual Academy! Many of our currently offered online programs are now available through this new learning platform! Visit us online at: for information and registration. Contact us for alternate payment methods.

Basic Latent Print Processing

($200/15 Hours)

Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner

Training Program ($2000)

  • Trained to Casework Competency!
  • Schedule Friendly!
  • No Travel Required! Save Lab Resources!
  • Payment Plans Available

Online Training Programs

Palm Print Examination

**Coming Soon**