Mtra. Jassivy Reitnauer M.Psy.

Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO                   



The program is offered at the rate of $2000 per person, with custom payment plans available!Payment in full can be submitted through PayPal, or contact Andrew for alternate payment method information.

Delta Forensics

Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner

Training Program

This program is designed to instruct the examiner with the knowledge, skills, and ability to conduct independent latent print examination casework. The program is to be completed at the pace of the participant. It is expected that the program may take 6-12 months to complete, but may be shorter or longer, based upon the abilities of the participant. This modular program is divided into 10 parts, increasing in complexity. Modules include: Biology, History, Pattern Types, Latent Print Processing, Photography, Digital Imaging, Comparison Methods, Legal Issues, Admissibility, and more.

The program required the participant to successfully complete: Required Readings, Written Exercises, Practical Components, Comparison Exercises, Competency Tests and Moot Court exercises.

The program has also been approved by the IAI CLPE Board for 25 hours of continuing education training towards certification!