Mtra. Jassivy Reitnauer M.Psy.

Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO, F.F.S.                    



In order to best identify and assist you with your training needs, Delta Forensics will draw upon their experience, while customizing a training program for your practitioners. Please let us know the needs of your laboratory, and we will work to advance the abilities of your staff.

Quality Matters

Delta Forensic has experience with quality assurance related matters, International Accreditation within Forensic Psychology, and with the development of a latent print program for ASCLD accreditation. We will assist you in developing your protocols, laboratory needs, and documentation to prepare for your inspection.

Case Consultations

With over 15 years experience in Forensic Psychology and the examination of Latent Print Evidence, we are prepared to review your requests. Upon the completion of the review, Delta Forensics will issue a documentation package that may include: A written report of findings, case notes, and a copy of all digital images and annotations.


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