Mtra. Jassivy Reitnauer M.Psy.

Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO                   



Forensic Examiners and Crime Scene Investigators often are exposed to traumatic incidents and situations on a daily basis. We are expected to perform our duties in the interest of the investigation and examination to the best of our abilities. However, in the performance of our duties, mental health may be negatively affected. Forensic Scientists, Crime Scene Responders, and Investigators should have the ability to speak to a counselor to assist them with the stress management and emotional trauma that may occur through job performance. 

Jassivy has over 15 years of clinical and forensic psychological counseling and services experience, and has been a court-qualified expert through her practice in Mexico. She has specialized training in victimology as well as therapeutic services that can help in the recognition and healing of mental and emotional trauma experienced. 

One on One appointments may be scheduled locally in person, or remotely via Skype to assist you in your time of need. This is an independent service of Delta Forensics, focusing on the needs of our fellow practitioners. Appointments may be set up by contacting us at All client information is kept in strict confidentiality, and appointments will be charged at $50 per hour-long session via PayPal, Zelle or personal check. Contact us today for additional information and to schedule your sessions.

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