Latent Print Processing- Porous Evidence and Special Circumstances (2 Hours)- $30

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

The purpose of this course is to introduce the audience to the chemical methods used to develop latent prints on porous evidence. This session will also discuss a number of development techniques used on a variety of evidence that require special methods and handling.

Latent Print Processing- Blood Reagents (2 Hours)- $20

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

This session will focus upon the processing methods and development techniques associated with blood impressions. A number of chemical reagents will be discussed and their method of application.

***NEW! CLPE On-Demand Prep Class! - $150

This class will consist of a series of recorded webinars supplemented by exercised aimed to discuss many of the topics included in the IAI Certified Latent Print Examiner Examination

Basic Digital Photography (2 Hours)- $30

* Included in Introduction to Crime Scene Latents Series

This session will introduce the concepts of basic photography to include: Composition, White Balance, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO and best practices for overall photography

NEW!!! ALL of the webinars hosted by Delta Forensics, LLC are available "ON DEMAND"! Registrants of either Introductory series or individual sessions will be given access to a recorded version of the webinar to view according to their schedule!  *** The Introductory Latent Print Webinar Series has been approved by the IAI for 15 Hours of Continuing education for new applicants for the Latent Print Examiner Certification Program!***

Latent Print Testimony (2 Hours)- $30

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

The importance of testimony as an expert witness will be discussed to include: The value of Negative Testimony, Trial Preparation, Legal Standards, and Courtroom Conduct. The shift in the examination and reporting methods will be discussed with the audience, along with the weight of the opinion testimony offered.

Introduction to Latent Prints for Legal Counsel (2 Hours)- $40

This session will serve as an introduction to the scientific field of Latent Print Examination for Legal Professionals. Attendees will be introduced to a variety of topics to better understand this forensic discipline and the scope of the expert witnesses that may appear. Information may be beneficial for both Prosecutorial and Defense Counsel.

Alternate Light Sources and Basic Forensic Photography (2 Hours)- $30

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

This session will give an overview of the visualization of the fluorescent latent print development techniques, highlighting the differences within the types of illumination. The reaction of biological material to alternate light sources and the use of barrier filters to improve visualization will be discussed.

Latent Print Processing- Non-Porous Evidence (2 Hours) -$30

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

The purpose of this course is to introduce the audience to the chemical and physical methods used to develop latent prints on non-porous evidence. A number of development techniques will be discussed to include their application and visualization


* Note the session components as indicated in descriptions above


Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO, F.F.S.                    



Obtaining Quality Exemplar Impressions (2 Hours)- $40

* Included in Introduction to Crime Scene Latents Series

This session will discuss with the attendees the importance of quality exemplar impressions, whether from a suspect, applicant, or from a victim/witness. Various methods and formats will be discussed, to include the importance of major case impressions. Attendees will also see how understanding features of developed latents can assist in determining the type or record and area of ridge detail that will need to be captured for examination purposes.

Introduction to Latent Prints (2 Hours)-  $20

* Included in BOTH Webinar Series

This course is designed to present the audience with an overview of the science of fingerprints and the underlying fundamental principles of fingerprints as a means of personal identification.

Features of Friction Ridge Examination (3 Hours)- $40

* Included in Introduction to Latent Print Examination Series

This session will discuss the various features and trends found within the friction ridge skin of the fingers and palms. The audience will be introduced to the various anatomical features used in examinations, types of distortion, and the importance of levels 1, 2 and 3 detail within the examination process.