Mtra. Jassivy Reitnauer M.Psy.

Andrew R. Reitnauer MSFE, CSCSA, CPO                   



Delta Forensics offers an Online Basic Latent Print Processing Training Program. This program is designed to help you learn the sequential examination techniques used to process crime scenes and evidence for the presence of latent impressions. Through this program, you will be instructed through recorded lectures regarding processing techniques and collection, readings, and written exercises to gauge your knowledge as presented through the programs. This program is approved by the IAI CLPE board for 15 hours towards initial and re-certification as a certified latent print examiner! Contact us for additional details!

This program is also being offered at a 33% discount to assist with the current COVID-19 situation! Registration is $200/person, and we will extend additional discounts to agencies registering multiple persons. Contact us for additional information, and click here to register!

Click here for a fact sheet about the course!